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Campaign News

Campaign update – Apr 22, 2022

As you may have seen on our Twitter, we have filed a Notice of Intent for the Recall of Lori, Phyllis, and Sylvia. CUSD is in rapid decline. We just experienced the steepest enrollment decline in the county while being one of the only districts in the county to have grown in terms of the number of kids per household. This is not something anybody should be proud of and a feat that could only be accomplished through poor and inept leadership. We have declined in academic rankings, our instructional minutes are down, our camps are being canceled, our electives are being removed, PTAs are begging for money, and more. Parents are starting to vote with their feet and leave. This recall is about the existential crisis of CUSD. CUSD used to be the pride and joy of Cupertino but we’re falling fast and much of it over recent years with our current Recallees at the helm. We need to save CUSD and the first step is to fix leadership. Our Recallees for too long have been focused on the wrong priorities, everything but kids.

Stay tuned for more information as we get our petitions ready. We’ll have a massive headstart this time and we all but certainly will be successful.


Campaign update – Apr 13, 2022

As always, please follow our Twitter as we simply can’t update the website fast enough.

We want to start by thanking our countless volunteers and thousands of supporters! It’s you that is going to help fix CUSD. We will be in touch again soon.

As you know, we decided last week to not submit the signatures we had collected. It’s estimated that 15-20% of signatures do not validate and since we weren’t at that threshold, we chose not to submit.

BUT the fight is not over. Stay tuned as we have some more exciting news to announce later this week. As they say, the third time’s a charm.


Campaign update – Mar 13, 2022

There are so many updates, please make sure to follow our Twitter as we simply can’t update the website fast enough.

The recall is going to be close. We lost two months due to Omicron as neighbors were less likely to open their doors or go to a signature booth. We’re past that now and collecting signatures rapidly. Come by the booth and say Hi and if you’re lucky, you might even meet some of the paparazzi that these Recallees have been sending but don’t worry, our supporters won’t claim harassment.

The Recallees have become unhinged. Seeing 79% of SF citizens vote their school Board members out must give them pause. They are now actively attempting to deflect by proposing another parcel tax after being the only CUSD Board to have two failed attempts in the same term. They are also proposing to sue the City because they don’t agree with the facts. They must be replaced with Board Members who support #KidsBeforeUnions.

Come by, sign the recall and enjoy some sun!

Campaign update – Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Year and thank you to all of our supporters.

There is so much happening so please make sure to follow our Twitter. We recently posted a great infographic along with a YouTube video on our homepage supporting our recall efforts. Please take a look.

If you thought school closures was anything but rigged by our Recallees, guess again. Lori Cunningham knew which schools would be closed because it was decided in a backroom deal.

Sylvia Leong used the same deals to get CLIP its own site, one her major campaign promises to her donors comprised mostly of CLIP parents. See the donor list yourself.

Phyllis Vogel didn’t care to host any more parent sessions on school closures and even skipped the Rubric CUSD Board Meeting in August because she already knew the results.

It also seems per another email attained via PRA that the Montebello property sale will have to go through a 7-11 committee along with the determination of what happens to the planned closed schools. The fight is not over, we will replace our Recallees with Board Members who can put #KidsBeforeUnions.

We have collected thousands of signatures via booths and canvassing but we need more help to hit our goal by March. Please reach out and we will connect you to our volunteers.


Campaign update – Nov 16, 2021

We now have a permanent booth schedule:

Friday: 8AM-Noon, Creekside Farmer’s Market
Saturday: Will be announced each week on our Twitter
Sunday: 8AM-1PM, Cupertino Farmer’s Market at Memorial Park

We hope to see you soon!

Also, although our focus is the recall and issues as it relates to CUSD, we will call out local atrocious behavior when relevant to schools. We were disappointed to read about the smear campaign against the Vice Mayor by former Cupertino Mayor and CEEF Board Member Gilbert Wong and CEEF Board Member Yi Ding to score political points that stemmed from discussion regarding CRT in CUSD. We hope they can have more decency and help bring the community together instead of dividing us. Read more here.

Finally, via a Public Records Act request, we got a hold of all documents as it related to school closure recommendations from the CAC. See here.

Campaign update – Nov 6, 2021

We were excited to see that Senator Scott Wiener is officially supporting the SF School Board Recall. Scott in his multi-part Tweet cites several reasons he supports the recall but the first three and primary reasons are (1) slow school reopening (2) failure to acknowledge learning loss (3) exacerbating the decline in enrollment.

These are the same reasons we started Recall CUSD Board and are in part why we are recalling Lori Cunningham, Sylvia Leong and Phyllis Vogel.

On slow school reopening, Lori self-admitted in email that she was the primary blocker and Phyllis and Sylvia said in the Fall of ’20 that they thought schools should remain closed. Phyllis went as far at one point as to imply in a December ’20 Board meeting that school reopening may not happen at all in ’21 and Lori and Sylvia didn’t even blink.

In regards to learning loss, Superintendent Stay Yao said in a State of CUSD speech earlier this year that there was no learning loss impact. Sylvia said in a Fall ’20 Board Meeting that “her friends told her the kids are doing fine.” These are both gross and outrageous statements and just show the severe lack of empathy. Children suffered and the consequences are still being felt. They are simply too out of touch as Phylis and Sylvia do not have children currently in the school system.

Finally, in exacerbating the enrollment decline, CUSD outperformed literally everyone. CUSD exceeded the county average by 2.4X in decline in enrollment. CUSD experienced its steepest enrollment decline in history, worse than all neighboring districts in part because it was also last to reopen amongst all neighboring districts. But most importantly, when pressed to try to understand why, these Board members repeatedly said it’s happening everywhere rather than acknowledging and trying to understand why it’s happening way, way more at CUSD.

It is great validation to see that the recall of our Board members are for some of the same reasons as San Francisco’s School Board recall. And it’s also great to have a strong progressive like Senator Scott Wiener recognize this and support such initiatives.

Campaign update – Nov 3, 2021

Last week, the petitions for the recalls of Lori Cunningham, Sylvia Leong and Phyllis Vogel were approved by the Registrar of Voters. Parents have already begun collecting signatures via canvassing and booths set up at Cupertino Library and Farmers Market. We will be publishing a booth schedule soon. If you can volunteer, please email us at or sign-up here.

We understand that many parents support school closures. In fact, Recall CUSD Board started for an entirely different reason, the slow reopening of schools, primarily and coincidentally impeded by these same three recallees. Whatever your reason, Lori, Sylvia and Phyllis have been toxic for CUSD. Lori self-admittedly, in an email attained by a Public Records Act Request, said that she was the primary blocker of school reopening. Well, she’s also the largest recipient of union donor money; look it up yourself via Netfile. Sylvia prioritized her own school, CLIP, and removed it entirely from consideration of the process. She talks about equity until it’s NIMBY and that’s what happened here. Phyllis, the second-largest recipient of union donor money has repeatedly chosen teachers over kids. This is all fine and dandy but when you are that parent of a child suffering, remember who did this to you.

We hope we can elect new Board members that put kids before unions, can focus on academics instead of DEI consultants and transformative SEL, can work towards actually getting teachers their raises rather than just virtue signal, can focus on getting Art paid-for by the District instead of PTAs and more. The CUSD Board has failed repeatedly, and we need new Board members that can execute, push back at Superintendent Stacy Yao when she gaslights us, and better represent the sentiment of this community.

Support the recall. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸš€

Campaign update – Oct 18, 2021

Today, we were informed of yet another recall filed and for none other than Lori Cunningham. Recall CUSD Board started with the recall of Lori for being the primary blocker of school reopening amongst other failures. It does make us chuckle that she is now being recalled again. Read more details here.

In other news, in a 3-2 vote, as reported on our Twitter, CUSD is closing schools. It was great to see real discussion and a split vote. We only hope we see more of that for the benefit of the community.

Upwards and onwards.

Campaign update – Oct 13, 2021

Today, we were informed that parents have filed a recall for Phyllis Vogel for her efforts to drive inequity at CUSD through lottery schools resulting in neighborhood schools being the first to close. We were told that in a recent Nextdoor CUSD Parents poll with nearly 1K parents that the CUSD Board approval rating is hovering around 25%. In our opinion, all of this started with CUSD’s failed reopening. It began a domino effect that has tarnished the CUSD brand whether it’s their top-heavy management (as reported by NoCUSDTax), controversial materials being taught making national news (as reported by NoCRTatCUSD) or just the multiple protests that have happened over the past year between reopening, outdoor mask mandates, and school closures.

We hope the kids are not the casualties of a Board that has failed to put #KidsBeforeUnions.

Finally, we learned that there were some testy exchanges between Board members and parents this past week with each side accusing the other party of harassment. We hope everyone can turn the temperature down a bit. This is not constructive and not behavior that anyone should condone.

We will continue to report as we learn more.

Campaign update – Oct 9, 2021

On Oct 4, 2021, the recall of Lori Cunningham officially came to an end. We are proud of all that we have accomplished and the community that we have built. Recall CUSD Board started as a website for parents fighting to reopen CUSD schools but has now become a destination for all CUSD parents to get the real scoop as to what is happening at CUSD. We get countless emails from parents regularly with tips and questions on how to be heard from a school Board that has prioritized the interests of unions ahead of children.

As we have mentioned in our previous updates, our focus with Recall CUSD Board going forward is to become a parent oversight committee. We will publish news regularly and keep CUSD honest. Recently, we were sent a tip from a group of parents fighting to prevent school closures. They have filed a recall for Sylvia Leong for her backroom dealings to prioritize CLIP ahead of neighborhood schools. Whether this actually happened or not, it is certainly suspicious that there has not been any discussion of CLIP at a school Board meeting in the context of school closures.

In any case, they asked if they could use Recall CUSD Board as a resource and we have obliged. On our homepage, we have published the Notice of Intent for the recall of Sylvia Leong. As we have more updates, we will continue to share.

Thanks again to our whole community. We are here for the kids.


Outdoor mask update – Sep 28, 2021

We recently were forwarded legal letters that were exchanged by a group of parents and CUSD on their outdoor mask mandate. CDPH guidelines state that masks are optional for all outdoor settings. We were recently also told that CDPH has updated their guidance to further clarify that recess will not meet the definition of close contact.

In any case, read the letters here and kudos to those parents for fighting for a school Board and district that can at least follow the expert recommendations versus make up their own rules (eg plexiglass) as they did repeatedly last year with reopening.

Initial Attorney Letter to CUSD (September 1, 2021)

CUSD 1st Reply (September 7, 2021)

Attorney Reply to CUSD (September 10, 2021)

CUSD 2nd Reply (September 15, 2021)

Campaign update – Sep 8, 2021

We have crossed 2K signatures via snail mail only! We know we are short of the 11K signature target but after a 1+ year of lock-down, we encouraged our volunteer parent community to enjoy the outdoors rather than run signature collection booths. The recall is not over and we still have 1 month to hit our target.

Whatever the outcome, we will continue to hold the District and our CUSD Board members accountable. We fought to reopen schools and now we fight to keep CUSD honest. #KidsBeforeUnions

As part of this transition, we will start sharing more general CUSD news and hot-button issues via our mailing list. Please also follow us on Twitter.

Thank you to all of our parent supporters. We couldn’t have made this happen without you.

Campaign update – May 20, 2021

Thanks everyone for your efforts. We have just crossed 600 signatures and 800 community parents and leaders on our mailing list. Please continue to help us achieve our goal of 14K signatures by October. If you can volunteer or other, please email us at Thanks

Campaign update – April 28, 2021

Yesterday, Recallee Lori Cunningham levied personal attacks on parent and neighbor reopening activists. She called parents names, described them as a mob, attempted to publicly shame some, and in previous times, has even involved her friends and her own mother in these attacks. We were early to acknowledge and condemn anyone involved when Lori indicated that she was personally targeted in the Fall in connection with school closures. In the same vein, we will be early to acknowledge and condemn her personal attacks on the community. It is not reflective of a leader and we are disappointed to even have to write this. We hope she will apologize to the community.

Campaign update – March 24th, 2021

In her interview to Los Altos Town Crier, Lori Cunningham states that she has experienced personal attacks in the fall of 2020 at the height of CUSD school closure discussions. We, as mothers and fathers, are shocked and feel sorry for what Lori has gone through.

We wish to reiterate, to our community and supporters, that we unequivocally condemn violence, harassment, and bullying. At the same time, we will continue to ensure that each individual board member will be held accountable and have our kids at the top of their priorities.

School reopening MOU – Feb 11, 2021

One of our parents obtained via a California Public Records Act request the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU from 2/11/21) negotiated between CUSD and its teachers union (CEA). Although it doesn’t tell us much that we don’t already know, it is yet another confirmation that our school district was not willing to negotiate as hard as the neighboring districts (that have since opened their schools), because CUSD Board of Education was content with an extremely conservative approach to re-opening.

Looking at this MOU (amongst others, see our Resources page for more), we have also learned that the plexiglass fish bowls that our children are sitting in were not a requirement of the union. It is yet another example of the Board supporting stricter guidelines that are not even based on science.

Campaign email updates (subscribe to our mailing list)

Our email updates have lots of interesting information and more to share, including articles, the status of the recall, recent Board discussion, and more. We encourage you to review previous email updates if you want to get a sense of the progress we are making. Please join our mailing list if you’re interested in volunteering or just want to stay apprised with the progress of the recall.

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