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We have repurposed this page to provide resources for the recall of Sylvia Leong, Phyllis Vogel, and Lori Cunningham (again). The first recall of Lori Cunningham for the reopening of CUSD schools has ended.

We are seeking volunteers for the recall of Sylvia, Phyllis, and Lori (second recall) to meet our anticipated goal of collecting 11,542 signatures by April 6, 2021. We can provide information sheets, copies, and more, if you wish to canvas (walk door-to-door from neighbor to neighbor). We are also planning drive-by signature collection days as well as signature booths, but we will need your help attending to tables or cars, canvassing, and speaking to interested petition signers.

We recognize that it will not be easy to collect the signatures required, but we know that many parents support our initiatives to replace our toxic Board members. In addition, we are leveraging resources from Reopen California Schools and Open Schools California who both friends of Recall CUSD Board.

Volunteers will receive t-shirts!

If you are interested, please email us at or sign-up here.

With love, from parents for the recall of Sylvia Leong, Phyllis Vogel and Lori Cunningham, who put kids first.

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Recall CUSD Board yard signs
Recall CUSD Board yard signs

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