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Letter of Intent to recall Lori Cunningham

Intent letters and signatures for the recall of Sylvia Leong, Jerry Liu, Satheesh Madhathil and Phyllis Vogel have already been prepared and signatures collected. As mentioned above, we will file them as required depending on our progress to get CUSD schools fully reopened.


Pursuant to Section 11020 of the California Elections Code, the undersigned, registered qualified voters of Cupertino Union School District, in Santa Clara County, in the State of California, hereby give notice that we are the proponents of a recall petition and that we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Board of Trustees, in Cupertino Union School District, Santa Clara County, California, and to demand election of a successor in that office.

The ground for the proposal recall are as follows:

Lorien (Lori) Cunningham, who has led CUSD as President of the Board through much of the pandemic, has failed to represent all children of CUSD and uphold CUSD’s value of “choice” by solely prioritizing distance learning at the expense of providing a timely option for in-person learning, in lieu of the recommendations of multiple health organizations such as the CDC and AAP.

Her failure in leadership, inability to act decisively and articulate clear objectives, and unwillingness to challenge union demands resulted in a pattern of poor decisions as it relates to reopening schools. CUSD, a renowned district, significantly underperformed compared to most of its neighbors, causing massive inequity, social and emotional damage among children, and deep frustration, anxiety, and stress amongst parents and its community.

CUSD parents deserve a Board member who can push back on the unions, follow health guidelines, force the hard discussions, make decisions, challenge the Superintendent and Board when necessary, and always fight for ALL children first.

Vote YES on the recall.

Intent to Recall Lori Cunningham published in the Palo Alto Daily Post

Parent Survey

A group of our parents ran a survey of 1000+ CUSD parents regarding reopening. It is not perfect but it does provide more recent and granular insight into what our community wants.

Parent Survey Results (Mar 5, 2021)


Our parent community requested MOUs between CUSD and their teacher associations including the CEA, CSEA, and SEIU via a PRA (Public Records Act) request.

We have reviewed all of them and they are evidence of the Board’s incompetence: for instance, their support for things like plexiglass, which was not a requirement in the MOUs, is a disservice to our children. It is not data-driven; it puts our children into fish bowls and it encourages teachers to hide behind their desks.

We will always be #KidsFirst, and we hope the Board will follow.

Neighboring Recall Initiatives

We’ve received pings from a variety of Bay Area districts for recall initiatives (in different stages) of their school Boards for failure to fully reopen schools. In an effort to help our neighbors, fellow parents, and other children suffering due to school boards refusing to prioritize kids over the unions, we’ve aggregated some of the different efforts below. Please help if you can and if you’d like to connect with one of their teams, please let us know.


We’ve been added to Ballotpedia, you can follow here as we make progress in our recall of Lori Cunningham.

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Other CUSD Resources

In our work to recall Lori Cunningham, we’ve come across other initiatives related to CUSD: